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We would like to acknowledge our many partner companies, which consistently support us in delivering the best performance for your components cleaning tasks and surface treatment.

In addition, we provide you with interesting sources and websites that provide comprehensive information on all aspects of industrial cleaning technology, cleaning chemicals and parts handling.

The Trade Association for Industrial Parts Cleaning (FiT) promotes the exchange between research, development and application of industrial cleaning technology. The center of all activities of the FiT are its committees and working groups, in which the knowledge of the industry is collected, prepared and made available to different target groups. Through regular trainings, workshops and conferences the professionals in the industry are constantly qualified and equipped with the necessary tools. The tasks of FiT also include the professional and political representation of interests at national and European level. With more than 70 members, the “Navigator of Parts Cleaning” is one of the largest competence network for industrial parts cleaning and represents well-known companies in the fields of plant engineering, chemistry, analytics as well as users and research institutions.

fairXperts GmbH & Co. KG has over thirty years' experience in designing, organizing and holding market-based and subject-based technical trade fairs, seminars and trade congresses. Especially in parts cleaning, deburring technologies and precision surfaces, also in cooperation with FiT - Fachverband industrielle Teilreinigung e.V., we offer a wide range of knowledge transfer and qualification services.

The Association represents the interests of the industry and serves 1,350 companies and 54,500 employees. It is committed to rapid patient access to innovation and high-quality standards. Swiss Medtech also initiates specialised training programmes, challenges rising levels of regulation, and pushes for free trade and fair tariffs. Together with its specialist groups and partners, the Association is committed to favourable conditions and to an attractive setting for research and other professional activities within Switzerland. Swiss Medtech supports and advises its members on regulatory, legal, and collective bargaining issues, and provides regular updates on the latest economic and political developments. Further activities include organizing events and meetings - such as the Swiss Medtech Day. Networking within the industry will also remain an important focus of the association.

MedicalMountains GmbH is an organization for networking and supporting all key players in the medical technology sector. MedicalMountains GmbH promotes dialogue, combines strengths and creates platforms for exchange. Cooperation and synergies are made possible through strategic and systematic coordination: Cooperation and mutual benefit with regional, national and international partners provide small and medium-sized enterprises in particular with an important knowledge and technology advantage.

As an independent knowledge and network organization, Mikrocentrum has been supporting the technical manufacturing industry for over 50 years with Training, Events and Business. Mikrocentrum offers over 170 (technical) courses and annually organize 6 trade fairs, 5 business events and 15 thematic events. In addition to these activities, Mikrocentrum offers companies a membership of the High Tech Platform, which now consists of 600 members. The aim is to increase knowledge, expand networks, improve business processes and to strengthen the competitive position of companies by working closely with a large network of industrial organizations, (semi) governments, knowledge and educational institutions.

The European Research Association for thin films (EFDS) is a non-profit association and is active in the field of thin film technology. The office is located in Dresden - in the center of the European semiconductor industry and in an important center of vacuum engineering.

The EFDS is represented by its member companies and institutions and their personal members as well as by 10 board members, numerous members of the advisory board and the specialist committees, 1 national coordinator and 4 employees in the office.

The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) is the UK’s trade association for companies in the manufacturing technology sector. MTA members design, manufacture and supply the advanced machinery, equipment and intellectual property that enable the creation of the products we rely on from day to day and that drive our economy. Key aspects of manufacturing technology include; machine tools, cutting tools, metrology (measuring) equipment, additive manufacturing (3D printing), surface finishing, robotics and computer aided design and manufacturing products (CAD/CAM), as well as the technology which is enabling the digitalisation of manufacturing – the fourth industrial revolution. The MTA delivers: marketing support and networking opportunities; specific and relevant economic and technical information; representation to Government and other stakeholders; help for exporters; and support for learning and development within member companies and beyond. The MTA owns and runs MACH, the UK’s premier event to showcase manufacturing technologies.

The Manufacturing Cleaning Association is a community of manufacturing and industrial cleaning professionals networking, sharing and learning from each other. Its mission is to provide world-class educational and training opportunities, to create unique and engaging networking events for manufacturing and industrial cleaning professionals and to establish and hold strict industrial standards that answer the question “how clean is clean?”. The Manufacturing Cleaning Association wants to showcase and share the expertise from within its diverse membership. The Industry Standards collection includes articles, white papers and resources provided by MCA members and experts sharing information to make the industry stronger. Before posting to the collection, all content is curated through a strenuous process by the MCA’s Technical Advisory Committee.

The trade magazine mo magazine for surface technology provides information on up-to-date topics of functional and decorative surface treatment of metals, plastic, glass and wood. Through its exclusive articles, background reports, reports and product information mo magazine for surface technology offers trade orientated information for the professionals and decision makers.

ICT is the supplement of ipcm® dedicated to industrial cleaning, metal polishing, mass metal finishing, super-finishing, shotpeening, and surface preparation in general. ICT provides success stories and technical case-studies about the application of new technologies, technical articles covering all aspects of industrial parts cleaning, industry news and market overviews. Its readership is made by Decision-Makers of OEMs, manufacturers of components for different industrial fields, and metal finishing shops which have to provide a high cleanliness level to their parts. In addition ICT is read by research institutes, university centres and laboratories.


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